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The Industry’s Best Firm In Social Media Discovery, Web Collection and Evidence Authentication

The Industry’s Best Firm In Social Media Discovery, Web Collection and Evidence Authentication

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Social Media Investigation

Social Media Investigations Proving Vital for Litigators


Researching social media and online networks is becoming a more imperative step for attorneys in the litigation process, partially because of the sheer amount of information online. This digital information is proving invaluable in numerous situations for litigators. Attorneys can save time and prevent wasted resources by investigating witnesses, defendants, plaintiffs, and juries. By starting with some due diligence, attorneys are able to make more informed decisions by uncovering false events or statements and save themselves time, money and effort.

One of the emerging uses of social media investigations is jury selection, which has garnered stringent ethical consideration. However, according to the National Trial Lawyers of America, “social media jury investigations – when performed properly – are not just ethical, they are a critical part of a trial lawyer’s responsibility as a zealous advocate.” Additionally, the American Bar Association has issued Formal Opinion 466 stating that social media investigations of potential jurors is ethical as long as there is no direct contact with these jurors.

Using social media and online networking research in jury selection can reduce the possibility of stealth jurors who have their own biases and motivations for working on a case. Investigating a potential juror member’s online presence will alert trial lawyers to those who may misrepresent him- or herself. According to National Trial Lawyers (NTL), these instances are not limited to high profile cases but could also include jurors who have issues with the defendant or attorneys. Additional information about potential jurors also helps with the framing of voir dire questions and can help trial lawyers act with confidence and speed when selecting a jury. Cause strikes are also more likely to be granted and are substantiated more easily.

But jury selection is not the only area of law for the social media investigations. Investigations of fraudulent disability, workers’ compensation, and social security claims. Utah’s Attorney General, John Swallow, reported that, in social media investigations conducted by the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) and Social Security Administration, for every dollar spent on research they were able to save the taxpayers ten. The investigation undertaken in Utah uncovered photographic evidence of individuals lying about disabilities online.

In many cases, a thorough perusal of an individual’s social media will reveal pertinent information for any litigator. Investing in classes or training opportunities to improve these skills is often beneficial for completing cases efficiently and quickly, while other options include hiring in-house researchers or consulting with a team of researchers.


Focus on Work. Let Toonari Do the Rest.

Leverage the Industry’s Best Firm

Criminal Defense

We know how to work with Law Enforcement, Prosecutors & Judges to show how to include authenticated Social Media Evidence and expert testimony to support your criminal defense case

Public Defender

We know you are passionate and zealous client advocates handling a heavy case load. We help you win more cases by identifying possible witnesses, discovering, capturing and preserving court admissible evidence.

Private Investigator

We support private investigators as part of their team or provide to them with Tomoko Discovery, our proprietary eDiscovery software platform.

Opposition Research

As advanced social media research experts for political campaigns, PACs and advocacy groups we add critical and actionable value to the tradecraft of traditional opposition research gumshoe detectives.

Insurance Defense

Insurance fraud is an issue with staggering financial impacts. That’s why we work for insurance companies and their insured. Our social media research is now changing the way insurance companies can identify fraudulent claims.

Intellectual Property Protection

A large quantity of counterfeit merchandise is available for sale on the surface web, deep web and dark web. Today brands must be vigilant in their asset recovery and intellectual property monitoring as much, or more, on the dark web and deep web as they are on the surface web.


Public Defender / Criminal Defense

Serving public defenders, defender investigators, federal public defenders and public defender offices we know you are passionate and zealous client advocates handling a heavy case load. We help you win more cases by identifying possible witnesses, discovering, capturing, and preserving court admissible evidence, and assessing case party credibility. Social media evidence authentication and open source intelligence are now one of the most fertile sources of criminal evidence and innocence.

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We Make Your Success Our Priority

We conduct in-house workshops for law firms, corporate legal departments, federal and state government agencies, and courts throughout the world. Unlike our public programs that have a set date, an in-house workshop can be scheduled at any time of the year if we have available dates. We tailor these programs to the organization ‘s needs.


Open Source Intelligence Training


Social Media Intelligence Training

Dark Web / Darknet

Dark Web and Darknet Training

Social Media Authentication

Social Media Authentication Training


TOR Software and .Onion Training


Cryptocurrency Training



Online researching (OSINT) and social media investigations (SOCMINT) are becoming simultaneously more imperative and more complex. At Toonari, we recognize how difficult the process of discovery, collection and preservation of this data can be. Our team will be traveling to your location and instructing your staff on better research, forensic and investigative techniques. We are happy to work with you to create a specialized curriculum for your business or team or we can offer a pre-established course.

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Tomoko Discovery – So Intuitive, So Easy

Court admissible Web Capture, Screen and Webcam Video Recorder. The easiest way for everyone to preserve and authenticate evidence from everywhere.

Advanced Social Media Search

Search across social networking services, search engines, databases and more.

Cross Platform – Windows & Mac

Compatible with Mac and Windows, Tomoko Discovery is build and run on two platforms.

White Label Case Reports

This gives you customizable, client facing, white label case report templates.

Court Admissible Web Capture

Tomoko Discovery will collect the Metadata, Source Code and other items sealing it with a 256-bit Hash and timestamps on the captured files using a certified Stratum-1 atomic clock.

Authenticated Desktop Screen Recording

Record court admissible video of evidence displayed on desktops with our screen video recorder. (TOR, Windows, Mac, etc.)

Authenticated Webcam Recording

Tomoko Discovery will collect the Metadata, Source Code and other items sealing it with a 256-bit Hash and timestamps on the captured files using a certified Stratum-1 atomic clock.

Local Possession of Evidence

You will be able to directly export all of your digital evidence to your desktop without saving it on Tomoko Discovery.

Cloud Storage

Stores all of your digital information in the easy to use cloud storage for later use.


Got questions? Our U.S. based support team has answers. We’re here to enhance your Tomoko Discovery experience and set you up for success.

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Are you planning an event for Investigators? We deliver engaging and useful presentations in a variety of formats that are tailor-made for your event.

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